Behind the Scenes of the Entertainment Show



Hey everyone, We’re starting to gear up for our big event the TV10 All-Nighter! For those that don’t know the All-Nighter is where we show movies and give away prizes from Friday afternoon till the early morning on Sunday.

This semester’s All-Nighter will be from Friday, April 20th through Sunday, April 22nd. Before each movie we have a prize session where we ask you questions about the upcoming movie and ask you to bring down various items to win prizes.

Our Advertising team of Roz Shown and Liz Nevers are working hard to bring you some awesome prizes this semester! Our creative team will be hard at work making promotional advertisements that will appear here and on our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

We currently have a poll on our Facebook page asking you what movies you would like to see for the All-Nighter. Please go vote on it and we will try our hardest to get those movies for you. We can’t guarantee we can get them but we will try our hardest.

Keep watching TV10’s Facebook, and Twitter for updates on everything TV10. Also check back here too for additional content!

Gameshow Intro Spring 2012

TV10 All-Nighter

It’s coming. You’ve been warned.

Welcome to the new TV10 website!!

Welcome to the new TV10 website. We will be using our new site to give you all the information you need about TV10 and our programming. It will be a work in progress getting used to having a working website but stay tuned as we start bringing you all  sorts of TV10 content. If you have any suggestions for the website or things you would like to know please let us know. We’re always looking for ways to improve our work and appreciate any input you have.

-The TV10 Staff.